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Caldwell, Lesley / Taylor Robinson, Helen (Hg.)

The Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott

12 Volumes


Verlag Oxford University Press
Auflage/ Erscheinungsjahr 2016 f
Format 25,4 × 17,8 cm (je Band)
Einbandart/ Medium/ Ausstattung Hardcover
Seiten/ Spieldauer zusammen 4600 Seiten
SFB Artikelnummer (SFB_ID) 9780199399338


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Erstmals die Schriften DONALD W. WINNICOTTS in einer chronologischen und kundig kommentierten Geamtausgabe in der Originalsprache des Autors

Der Verlag zu diesem Editionsprojekt in Kooperation mit der Int. Winnicott Association:

"Now, the Winnicott Trust together with Oxford University Press have published a 12 Volume Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott under the general editorship of Lesley Caldwell and Helen Taylor Robinson. The Collected Works presents virtually all Winnicott’s writings chronologically, bringing together letters, clinical case reports, child consultations, psychoanalytic articles, and papers, including many previously unpublished works on topics of continuing interest to contemporary readers (such as delinquency, antisocial behaviour, corporal punishment, and child care).

The Collected Works begins with an authoritative General Introduction by editors Lesley Caldwell and Helen Taylor Robinson, while each of the volumes features an original introduction examining that volume’s major themes and written by an international Winnicott scholar and psychoanalyst. These are Kenneth Robinson, Christopher Reeves, Vincenzo Bonaminio and Paolo Fabozzi, Dominique Scarfone, Jennifer Johns and Marcus Johns, Angela Joyce, Anna Ferruta, Anne Horne, Arne Jemstedt, Marco Armellini, Steven Groarke, Throughout The Collected Works, editorial annotations provide historical context and background information of scholarly and clinical value. The final volume contains new and illuminating appendices, comprehensive bibliographies of Winnicott’s publications and letters, documentation of his lectures and broadcasts, and a selection of his drawings, introduced by Robert Ades."

Table of Contents

Volume 1, 1911-1938, with an Introduction by Kenneth Robinson
Volume 2, 1939-1945, with an Introduction by Christopher Reeves
Volume 3, 1946-1951, with an Introduction by Vincenzo Bonaminio and Paolo Fabozzi
Volume 4, 1952-1955, with an Introduction by Dominique Scarfone
Volume 5, 1955-1959, with an Introduction by Jennifer Johns and Marcus Johns
Volume 6, 1960-1963, with an Introduction by Angela Joyce
Volume 7, 1964-1966, with an Introduction by Anna Ferruta
Volume 8, 1967-1968, with an Introduction by Ann Horne
Volume 9, 1969-1971, with an Introduction by Arne Jemstedt
Volume 10, Therapeutic Consultations in Child Psychiatry, with an Introduction by Marco Armellini
Volume 11, Human Nature and The Piggle, with an Introduction by Steven Groarke
Volume 12, Appendices and Bibliographies, with an Introduction by Robert Adès


  • The Collected Works of D. W. Winnicott brings together for the first time a chronological collection his work
  • Includes previously unpublished archival material: letters, reviews, obituaries, drawings, and comments and discussions on political and psychoanalytic matters
  • Includes online access to select audio recordings of Winnicott's radio broadcasts
  • Features correspondence with a wide range of notable figures, among them Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, Jacques Lacan, Margaret Mead, Arthur Miller, Benjamin Spock, and Charles M. Schultz
  • Includes extensive writings on psychoanalysis and its continuingly relevant wider applications.

Die Herausgeberinnen

Lesley Caldwell is a member of the British Psychoanalytic Association in private practice in London. She is an Honorary Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit and Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Italian Department at University College, London. As Chair of the Squiggle Foundation (2000-2003) and editor of the Winnicott Studies Monograph Series (2000-2008), she published four edited collections on D. W. Winnicott. She has beenan editor for the Winnicott Trust since 2002 and was the Chair of Trustees from 2008-2012. With Angela Joyce, she published Reading Winnicott (2011). She has a continuing interest in psychoanalysis and the arts and has also written on film and the city of Rome.

Helen Taylor Robinson is Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, British Psychoanalytical Society, London, and was a clinical psychoanalyst with adults and children until her retirement. She was an Editor and Trustee of the Winnicott Trust for 17 years and co-edited Thinking about Children with Jennifer Johns and Ray Shepherd. Her special interest is in the relationship of psychoanalysis to the arts, literature, and cinema. She has been Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Psychoanalysis Unit of University College, London. She has contributed to books and journals in the field of psychoanalysis and to the European Psychoanalysis and Film Festival.


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