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An unhurried View of Erotica

With an Introduction by Theodor Reik and Preface by George Jaen Nathan


Verlag New York, The Helmsman Press
Auflage/ Erscheinungsjahr 1958, EA
Format Gr.4°, 27,9 × 21,3 × 2,8 cm
Einbandart/ Medium/ Ausstattung OLn. mit geprägtem Titel
Seiten/ Spieldauer 128 Seiten
Gewicht 690 g
SFB Artikelnummer (SFB_ID) SFB-006633_AQ


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Inhalt des Bandes

  • Introduction by Dr. Theodor Reik
  • Preface by George Jean Nathan
  • Foreword by the Author
  • Part I: Precursors of English Erotica
  • Part II: Earliest English Works
  • Part III: The Two Manias
  • Part IV: London Becomes World Capital
  • Part V: First American Works
  • Part VI: Reference Works
  • Part VII: The Erotic Book Market Today
  • Bibliography of One Hundred Titles
  • Index.

Theodor Reik in seiner Einleitung

"The material here presented will be of great interest to the psychologist and psychiatrist, to the sociologist and historian of civilization and last, but not least, to the connoisseur of literature. Also the bibliophile will find many data, unknown to all, about publications and collections of erotica. The attentive and thoughtful reader of this book will find that it touches serious problems between its lines, problems intimately connected with the situation of our civilization. If erotica exercises such a passionate spell and awakens such general interest, can we still say "ugly as sin"? It seems sin is very attractive to most, if not to all of us. If it were as repulsive and ugly as they say, why should so many and forceful prohibitions be necessary?

The author justifiably includes the scatological interest in the area of erotica. The discoveries of psychoanalysis and of analytic child-psychology leave no doubt that the functions of evacuation are not only biologically but also psychologically intimately connected with those of sexuality. Yes, in early childhood they cannot be differentiated. Also in the neuroses and psychoses they can replace those of genital trends. (...)"

Theodor Reik


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