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Tonnesmann, Margret (Hg.)

About Children and Children-No-Longer

Collected Papers 1942-80


Verlag Routledge
Auflage/ Erscheinungsjahr 1989
Format 15,6 × 2,2 × 23,4 cm
Einbandart/ Medium/ Ausstattung Paperback
Seiten/ Spieldauer 368 Seiten
Reihe The New Library of Psychoanalysis, Band 10
ISBN 9780415041195


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"About Children and Children-No-Longer" is the long-awaited collection of Paula Heimann´s published and unpublished papers. From the published work it includes the seminal paper 'On Countertransference' (1950); 'Dynamics of Transference Interpretations' (1956); 'Some Notes on Sublimation' (1959); and 'Notes on the Anal Stage' (1962). In addition, more recent works are published here in English for the first time, describing the author's particular integration of theory and technique.

Paula Heimann's ideas on an undifferentiated early phase of infant development and its implications for analytic technique, along with her unique knowledge of both Kleinian object relations and classical theory and technique, make her work very relevant both to present-day practice and the understanding of the historical development of some central psychoanalytic ideas.

When she died in 1982, Paula Heimann was preparing her work for publication and this task has been completed by Margret Tonnesmann, who has carefully edited the papers and introduces their main themes. Paula Heimann's background, and the personal and professional events that most influenced her writings and contributions to psychoanalysis, are outlined in an introductory memoir by Pearl King, formerly President of the British Psycho-Analytical Society and Secretary of the International Psychoanalytical Association.

Aus dem Inhalt

  1. A contribution to the problem of Sublimation and its relation to processes of internalization
  2. Notes on the theory of the life and death instincts
  3. Some notes on the psycho-analytic concept of introjected objects
  4. On counter-transference 
  5. A contribution to the re-evaluation of the Oedipus complex - the early stages
  6. Preliminary notes on some defence mechanisms in paranoid states
  7. Dynamics of transference interpretations
  8. Some notes on Sublimation
  9. Notes on early development
  10. Counter-transference
  11. Contribution to discussion of "The curative factors in psycho-analysis"
  12. Notes on the anal stage
  13. Comment on Dr Katan's and Dr Meltzer's papers on "Fetishism - somatic delusions - hypochondria"
  14. Comments on the psychoanalytic concept of work
  15. Evolutionary leaps and the origin of cruelty
  16. Comment on Dr Kernberg's paper on "Structural derivatives of object relationships"
  17. The evaluation of applicants for psycho-analytic training
  18. Postscript to "Dynamics of transference interpretations"
  19. Opening and closing remarks of the Moderator to 'Discussion of "The non-transference relationship in the psychoanalytic Situation"'
  20. The nature and function of interpretation
  21. Sacrificial parapraxis - failure or achievement?
  22. Further observations on the analyst's cognitive process
  23. On the necessity for the analyst to be natural with his patient
  24. About children and children-no-longer

Über die Autorin

Paula Heimann M.D., FRCPsych. (1899-1982) trained as a psychoanalyst under Theodor Reik in Berlin before moving to London, in 1933, where she undertook further training with Melanie Klein and became one of her leading supporters. In 1955 she left the Klein circle to become an Independent. As a highly valued member of the British Society she played an important part in its educational activities and was frequently invited overseas to present her ideas.


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